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About us

Our values

Our behaviors, based on the values ​​of R.H. SUPRA INC., are more than just a marketing gimmick. These are the inherent principles that define our culture and guide every interaction we have with our customers, contractors and colleagues.

Our history

SUPRA Human Resources Inc. took off in 2008, eager to change the face of the recruitment industry.

During those years, we watched our competitors use rigid service models that were convenient and profitable for them, whether or not they provided the right solutions to their customers.

SUPRA Human Resources Inc. has taken a fundamentally different approach.

We have broken out of the mold of traditional recruitment and consulting firms, creating a flexible and agile company like no other. A solution that eliminates “business” red tape and allows us to deliver smart solutions that target real business problems and deliver real results.

Therefore, everything we do fosters strong relationship building. We are oriented to deliver results as soon as possible.

We design flexible solutions that
respond effectively to the needs, initiatives and objectives of our customers and subcontractors.

We execute a business philosophy based on the inherent principles of Trust, Accountability, Consistency, Integrity and Teamwork that guide everything we do.

Simply put, we understand the value of strong relationships, the trust that comes with knowing you have a partner you can truly trust.

SUPRA Human Resources Inc. is the firm that will go the extra mile to make your business or career more successful. One who is honest. Ethical. Respectful and, yes, kind.

15 years later, we have gone from a humble recruitment service to a first choice supplier who knows how to listen to you in order to satisfy the needs of its many customers.

To respond to the growing labor shortage across Quebec and across Canada. We have set up a division specializing in international recruitment. A turnkey service, as we take care of everything for you such as;
recruitment, the legal side of immigration procedures, issuance of work permits, integration and support for employers and new workers.

We are stronger than ever because we serve all major cities, metropolitan areas and all regions in Quebec and Canada.

Communicate with us and together we
we will find the solution to find your future employee.