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Here are the services we offer

We offer quality services and your satisfaction is our priority!

Recruitment and placement of personnel

Personalized service in the recruitment and placement of carefully selected personnel to fill all your permanent or temporary positions.
We work in all regions of Quebec and also in other Canadian provinces and regions.
We stand out from our competitors by our approach and our customer focus, our free replacement guarantee, our competitive rates and our references that are truly SUPRA!

International recruitment

The lack of manpower that we are experiencing throughout Quebec and Canada is very present. We have set up a division for International Recruitment in order to respond quickly to the labor needs of companies.
Are you looking for a qualified, motivated and committed workforce? The solution is international recruitment. Regardless of the field in which you are, we quickly present candidates of choice to clients who trust us.
It is in collaboration with an agent of choice – the team of the Cabinet of Me. Guillaume Audet *Audet Immigration* with whom we work in tandem and that we offer efficient services at an affordable price.

Individual private meeting with one of our recruitment experts. Ideal for an active job seeker who needs advice.

By appointment only and at a reasonable rate, we offer you a private and personalized meeting to get to know you better and discuss your achievements and career goals with you.
Together we review your resume and your cover letter and you can make the necessary adjustments to your resume. We will share our experiences with you in order to prepare you for a selection interview with potential employers. We all know that a well-prepared candidate is the key to your success.

OUTSOURCING / External Consultants

Need an experienced professional to fill a position in special projects, a work surplus, a temporary replacement of 3 months or more, sick leave, maternity leave or other?

You do not want to hire a full-time experienced professional for the moment, but would like to have this experienced resource?

Our external consultants are all highly qualified and they will meet your expectations. For short or long-term temporary mandates or one-off mandates.

Domain; Accounting, Finance and Administration, Human Resources, Communication, Engineering, Health, and more.

Headhunter in your area

For more than 15 years we have been providing a high quality Talent Hunter service to all of our clients. This specialization is growing rapidly at Supra Human Resources Inc. We have the knowledge and the experience required to deliver results as soon as possible.
Your company is looking for a specific person with a profile tailored to meet your objectives. It is with pleasure that we will work closely with you and that we will implement all our talents, our contacts and more in order to present you with tailor-made applications for the position to be filled. If you want to know more, complete the customer form.

CPA SPECIALIZED UNIT / General Accounting & Finance and Administration.

Unit of specialized experts CPA/General Accounting & Finance and Administration. This team accepts new regular or occasional clients and they can meet all your needs quickly and very efficiently.

Coming soon

SECOND LANGUAGE TRAINING – French or English – Group of 5 people MAXIMUM -. Coming. 2023