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International recruitment

We offer tailor-made solutions for the recruitment of qualified candidates internationally

The idea of ​​hiring foreign workers has become a reality with entrepreneurs in Quebec and Canada. The solution to companies’ labor problems is international recruitment and thanks to our comprehensive services, we will quickly present you with qualified, hardworking, motivated and committed workers.


A pledge of trust

Supra HR has the necessary license for international recruitment and a long experience in this field, thus offering you peace of mind.

License number: AR-2202598

International recruitment team

We have specialized recruiters on site in all the target countries and to facilitate the integration of employees coming from abroad, we work in the French-speaking world as well as the other target countries, all at the client’s choice.

Immigration assistance

Supra HR has an extensive contact network to assist you in the immigration process of the candidates you have selected. We work with a firm of lawyers specializing in immigration law which has several years of experience in this particular field.

Recruitment at reasonable cost

Our rates are affordable and our payment plans are easy and simple.

Different solutions

We stand out from the competition when it comes to international recruitment. We offer quality support and a unique chance for your company to find qualified employees abroad.

Everywhere in Canada

Together we offer tailor-made solutions to customers who trust us throughout Quebec and Canada.


We arouse your curiosity?

Do you want to know why international recruitment is a good solution for you and your team?

Contact us and we will make sure to answer all your questions.

Note that we have the required permit to do this type of recruitment anywhere in Quebec.